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Build your profile while exploring sports scholarships. Discover the opportunities awaiting you and pave the way for your athletic and academic goals.

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Unlock opportunities that align perfectly with your goals and stand out in the competitive landscape. Connect with schools and coaches, Join us to shape your future in sports scholarships and leave your mark on the field.

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We specialize in creating comprehensive athlete profiles and showcasing their talents effectively. Additionally, we provide a professional branded platform designed to streamline connections with coaches and universities. Our goal is to offer a seamless and professional experience for athletes looking to advance their careers.

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Unleash your potential and showcase your talents with us. Our platform empowers young athletes to express themselves authentically and present their skills effectively. Join us to elevate your profile and stand out in the competitive world of sports.

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Testimonials: Our Athletes

Philip Wong

Lincoln Memorial University
Soccer / Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine

“The fact that Sportsync was able to take my passion for soccer to get me a scholarship to study in the US was incredible! I got the best of both worlds. If I studied in another country, I am confident I would still be able to study the program of my choice. However, I would have certainly not been able to reduce the financial burden on my family and may have had to have given up on playing football altogether.”

Testimonials: Our Athletes

Rachel Tam

University of Birmingham

Volleyball / Masters

“Sportsync provided me with all the necessary tools for my application process to college. Whether it be building my sports resume, highlight videos, or SAT prep, they ultimately connected me to more than 20 scholarships.”

Testimonials: Our Athletes

Remi Dujardin

St. Bonaventure University
Soccer / Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Marketing

“Sportsync gave me the opportunity to earn a University degree which has allowed me to explore other industries outside of football. This gives me confidence in knowing that I have something to fall back on should my football career suddenly end.”

Testimonials: Our Athletes

Roxanne Ashley Sia

University of Miami

Swimming / B.A in Criminology

“I went through the student athlete pathway— first boarding school at the British International School Phuket then to the University of Miami, all while representing the Philippines! Now I work here at Sportsync. It’s a full circle— really cool to walk with athletes who are starting that journey themselves.”